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Please, contact us if you need specific certifications. Most testing and certifying processes take months or even years – since Alted’s journey started in 2023, some specific documentation is still pending. In the meantime, we’ll provide you with all the information we have on our hands.


You can request samples here or contact us at Our sample-kits contain a total of 3 samples, one sample of each pattern. Please specify the colour of each sample when filling in the request.

Yes, our sample-kit is free of charge. It contains 3 samples, one of each pattern.

The production site is located near Barcelona (Spain) and our main suppliers are located within a 50 km radious from Alted’s headquarters and manufacturing facilitiy.

Production starts once you confirm your order. Normal production lead time is 6 weeks plus shipping. Due to high demand, please contact Alted at for detailed information.

Yes, they are supplied globally from our headquarters in Spain. If you want to place an order from outside the EU or the UK, please contact us at for detailed information.

You can order Alted panels by filling the contact form or sending an email at specifying the pattern and colours (use name and code), and the quantity in sqm that you need of each product. We’ll soon get back to you with an offer.

Alted panels can be ordered in any colour of choice by providing an NCS code. The custom colouring will be free of charge for orders bigger than 40 m² — if less, there will be a small additional charge.

Do you have a big project with the need of certain aesthetics? Our technology allows for pattern customization, depending on the dimension and the scope of the project, we can offer guidance and technical assistance to produce your own designs.

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