The first collection of Alted wall and ceiling coverings use HONEXT®️ as main raw material, a circular economy based product made of paper waste.


Honext is an innovative Barcelona-based company that upcycles waste fibres into fully recyclable, non-toxic boards using a circular certified process. Their facilities, built within a landfill, are only 50km from Alted’s production site.

Its main raw material is the sludge waste from paper mills, the volume of which continues to increase as paper recycling¹ rates grow. Only in the EU, paper mills generate more than 8 million tons of this waste every year.

¹ Today, paper accounts for 26% of landfill waste and 33% of municipal waste.

The HONEXT®️ board has an overall Cradle to Cradle certified at Gold Level, including the Material Health Certificate™. Furthermore, HONEXT®️ uses the Environmental Product Declaration to inform about the impact of their boards.

¹ Data source: Paper Waste Facts by The World Counts.


Alted coating partner is ICA Lab, the developers of the Iridea Bio line.

These surface finishings are mostly² made of waste vegetable matter.

Why Iridea Bio?

² The Iridea Bio coatings are composed of up to 75% water and non-toxic and renewable raw materials deriving from innovative refining processes aimed at upcycling waste vegetable matter that is not fit for human consumption.

The Italy based ICA Lab is always trying to reduce its impact — the Iridea Bio line is manufactured through a production cycle that drastically reduces CO₂ emissions³.

³ 1,000 kg of IRIDEA BIO allow to save 660 kg of CO₂, which is equivalent to the CO₂ emissions of a car traveling 5,500 km.

It is recognized for its eco-innovation. The UL’s Environmental Claim Validation (ECV) attests the exact percentage of renewable content in IRIDEA BIO coatings. Same as HONEXT®️, it contributes to earn LEED credits. Due to its extremely low VOC content, it scores A+ in air quality.

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