We design with from for circular materials.

About us

Alted is a Barcelona based company. Born in 2023, our mission is to transform innovative and climate positive materials into low-impact architectural products. Our first collection, Alted H01, is a series of decorative panels using HONEXT® as base material, a carbon-negative board made of waste from the paper industry.

Alted’s goal is to accelerate the introduction of new materials into the construction market, by transforming them into ready-to-install architectural products with a clear approach: balancing aesthetics and functionality with the Circular Economy principles. The construction sector has a strong ecological impact, it produces 40% of the global CO₂ emissions – and this number will double by 2040. Alted approaches this big societal challenge from the materiality, since 1/2 of the emissions produced by the building industry come only from the materials, the way they are sourced, manufactured, transported, used, and finally demolished into waste – the embodied carbon.

By following Circular Economy principles, we don’t only tackle GHE, Alted’s vision is to keep these materials always in circulation, never becoming waste again, but new products, and resources for new products.

Alted wants to be a safe place for architects and designers. We promise to use our words carefully, to be totally transparent when defining our products: fighting the climate crisis starts with education.

Data source: Net-zero buildings: Where do we stand? Report by WBCSD.

Materials = 1/2 of the architectural CO₂E

Our pillars


We are designers. We believe in design as a tool to boost the transition towards the circular economy. From the design lenses, we are able to understand the opportunities that new materialities offer, and bring forward new end products that solve big societal challenges – as climate change.


We want to help material innovators put their materials in circulation — and keep them circulating, never becoming waste again. Our goal is to accelerate the introduction of climate positive materials into the market to reduce the emissions derived from traditional building materials.


We follow Circular Economy principles to create positive impact. We partner with material engineers and through our proprietary manufacturing technologies, we translate material eco-innovation into ready-to-install products for architects and designers. Collaboration is our path to real impact.

100m² of Alted H01 = 722 kg of waste

Alted designs and manufactures low impact products for architecture, striving for a sustainable society.

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